Lifestyle Blueprint®

A specifically tailored healthcare lifestyle system

Our Lifestyle Blueprint® technology is used to disrupt, then enhance the standard care model. It's a digitally unique, specialized care model, customized per individual that optimizes lifestyle programs based on patient input and larger health data sets. We employ deep machine learning and neural networks on all data gathered from the users of our Lifestyle Blueprint® technology. When a person is ready to make a change in their life, they complete our comprehensive medical questionnaire to begin. Using that data, combined with our A.I.-infused health information database, we create a highly customized, perfectly crafted lifestyle plan for that individual person.

Start Your Journey

Patient Care Package:

Patients are sent directly a printed and digital copy of their personal Lifestyle Blueprint®. This is a day-by-day guide that shows exactly what to do. We explain all the details; which exercises, how long, what foods, how much, and lots more. We include a timeline guide of improvements, information about how lifestyle is the biggest factor affecting health, our research, and clinical trials. Depending on the output per individual, the Lifestyle Blueprint® may include natural supplements and meal plans specifically tailored to give best results.

Practitioner Care Package:

Patients will directly receive a second package, specifically for sharing with their doctors. Inside this package is everything their doctor needs to help the patient succeed. The science, goals, approach outline, and clinical studies. We provide all the support that practitioners can stand behind, as well as more tools that doctors can use to enhance the platform even further.

Constitutional Health App:

Each patient gets special access to our Constitutional Health App, where daily reminders, telemedicine, and the social community are all just a tap or click away. This application helps keep patients on track by recording vitals, levels, and caloric intake while also doubling as a platform for interaction with our lifestyle doctors, and nutritionists. They can keep track of their exercise goals, meals, and earn points to unlock rewards!

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