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Coming Soon to Your State: Forced Vaccinations
Not long ago, those of us who warned of the coming of forced vaccinations were ridiculed as paranoid. California's mandatory vaccination bill passed earlier this year shows that we were not. With the passage of SB 277, California joined West Virginia and Mississippi in making childhood immunizations mandatory for all children. Religious beliefs cannot not exempt you. Personal beliefs cannot not exempt you. The only exception is a medical waiver. Unfortunately, a medical exemption is denied 99.99 percent of the time. 
Children who are not up-to-date on recommended vaccines will be denied access to daycare, public schools, and even private schools. Those who have religious objections, or who simply don't want to expose their children to these substances, will have no option but to homeschool. If they are unable to homeschool, they will have to subject their children to more than 40 doses of vaccines. 

Recommended vaccines - an endless cash stream for Big Pharma 

The list of vaccines will certainly grow in the future. There are currently 10 vaccines recommended by the federal government, but the bill doesn't limit itself to these. Any and all vaccines which are recommended at any later date will also become mandatory. With every California child from preschool to adulthood forced to use their vaccines, this presents an endless flow of money for Big Pharma, and a huge incentive to produce vaccines for more and more conditions. This should strike fear into the heart of anyone who cares about their children's health or values their freedom. Today it's 40 doses of 10 different vaccines. 
How many will it be tomorrow? 
This bill strikes at one of the most fundamental parental rights—the right to make health decisions for your child. And alarming as this is, it doesn't stop there. 

Refuse your shots, lose your job? 

We already see this in the healthcare sector when flu season comes around. Healthcare workers in hospitals are often presented with the choice between getting a flu shot they object to or losing their jobs. The California bill takes it one step further. It not only bars unvaccinated children from attending public schools or daycares. It also bars adults who aren't up to date on any and all recommended vaccinations from working with children. 
Behind on your shots? You can't work in a daycare. Not even an in-home daycare. You can't work at a school. Not even in the office, or as a lunch lady. With ever-more vaccines recommended for both children and adults, this is truly chilling. How long before you lose your job for refusing the flu shot? Or because you aren't up-to-date on your tetanus shot? Big Pharma is already immune from lawsuits when it comes to vaccine injuries, and California has given them carte blanche. They have little reason to make sure shots are safe. The flu vaccine and Tamiflu have already shown us that Big Pharma doesn't care whether their products are effective, as long as we'll pay for them. Forced vaccination ensures that we pay whether we want it or not. 

Is your state next? 

You may think this can't happen in your state. But the fact is that SB 277 passed in the face of tremendous opposition from the general public. The legislature simply didn't care. And while it may have been the most draconian, it was only one of more than a hundred similar bills introduced across the country. Many failed. Many, unfortunately did not. 
Most states still allow religious exemptions. However, several states passed bills making it more difficult to get one. Several more passed laws that would make immunization rates available to the public. Illinois passed a law which, incredibly, gives local school authorities the power to decide if a parent's exemption request constitutes valid religious objection.
That's pretty scary. 
West Virginia removed all but medical exemptions. South Dakota mandated that children's shot records be shared with healthcare providers and with federal and state health agencies. They're tracking the unvaccinated. Does this mean that with the next measles outbreak, you'll be sued if your child is unvaccinated? It's a very real possibility. 

Forced vaccinations are coming your way soon 

The laws above are just the tip of the iceberg. Many, many bills were proposed and defeated. But they'll be back. Big Pharma has seen that with the right media manipulation (measles outbreak), the general public will stand by and surrender their rights. And there is simply too much money to be made for them to let the opportunity pass. 
Look for more bills to be introduced. Don't expect them to be publicized. If the public seems receptive, we may hear about them. If not, they will be passed quietly, but the end result will be the same. First the taking away of school exemptions. Then the extension of the law to those dealing with children. From there it will expand to those in the healthcare field and those working with the elderly. Little by little, state by state, the law will expand till we are all mandated to accept our shots or face fines or jail time. For our own good, of course. 
Unless, of course, we stand up en masse and protest. 
What can you do? 
  •  Keep an eye on your state's immunization regulations.
  •  Let your legislators know that your health decisions belong in your hands, not the state's. 
  •  Don't sit back and take your medicine like a good boy or girl.
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