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Japan Sues Merck Over Vaccine Injuries—But We Can't
Today my hat goes off to Japan. 
This summer in Japan, a group of people injured by vaccines for human papilloma virus (HPV)—the shot the U.S. wants all little girls age 9 and up to get—will file a class action suit against two of the biggest Big Pharma giants. Named in the suit are Merck, who makes Gardasil, and GlaxoSmithKline, maker of rival Cervarix. How they got to this point is an interesting story. It highlights just how few rights we in the United States have when it comes to our health, and how thoroughly Big Pharma has inserted itself into the machinery of government. 

These are some of the most dangerous vaccines

In the U.S., Gardasil is approved and recommended for little girls and women ages 9 to 26. Cervarix, which is less popular, is recommended for ages 9 to 25. Since these drugs' approval, the guidelines have been expanded to include little boys, teenage boys, and grown men too. It cost about $600 a pop and is intended to prevent human papilloma virus, the microbe behind genital warts. This same virus also causes some forms of cervical cancer. 
These two vaccines have a list of side effects ranging from short-term memory loss to seizure disorders and paralysis. They can result in Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a virus which attacks the peripheral nervous system. The virus can cause swelling in the brain and spinal cord, and also in the optic nerve; HPV vaccines have been known to provoke temporary or even permanent blindness in some cases. Chronic joint pain after vaccination is also common. 
The package insert for Cervarix admits that in clinical trials, joint pain occurred in some 20% of those vaccinated, while 5.3% suffered "serious adverse reactions." These serious adverse reactions sometimes include death or paralysis. While the vaccine manufacturers and the CDC alike tell us that risking these "adverse reactions" is worth it because we're preventing cervical cancer caused by HPV, here's what they neglect to tell us: 
  • Condoms protect against cervical cancer as effectively as or more effectively than the vaccines. 
  •  More than 99% of people who do get infected with HPV will NOT get cancer. 
  •  More than 90% of those who develop early signs of cervical cancer will recover without any treatment. 
  •  And a full 90% of those infected with HPV will be clear of the virus within 2 years—also without any treatment.
Death, paralysis, seizures, or lifelong joint pain seem like a very high risk in the face of these figures. And Japan, unlike the U.S., appears to recognize that. 

Japan pulled its recommendation for this poison—but the U.S. wants to make it mandatory for our kids

Japan first started offering HPV vaccines to women and little girls in 2010. It was available free of charge to girls between 12 and 16. Then in 2013 the vaccine was included in the list of officially recommended vaccines. A mere 2 months later, the government backtracked and withdrew the recommendation due to concerns about side effects. Why? Because they'd received a number of reports about adverse reactions. 
Of course when adverse reactions happen here, they're swept under the rug and dismissed. Good luck trying to get any justice, even if your child dies from a vaccine, much less if they're merely disabled. Japan, however, took a different tack. A special taskforce was formed to investigate. 
After meetings with scientists and health officials all over the world, Japan decided to not recommend the vaccine. They didn't ban it outright and it's still available to those who want it, but healthcare providers must inform women about all the possible side effects. Not doing so can result in a fine. They also have to tell patients that the government does not recommend the vaccine. 
Hallelujah. Common sense. 
Now a group of those who suffered some of these "adverse reactions" before the mandatory disclosure rule went into effect are filing a class action suit. They're suing Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and the Japanese government. Meanwhile, here in the U.S. there's a huge push to make the dangerous HPV vaccine mandatory for little girls and teenagers. Nevermind the side effects. Vaccine makers can't be sued here, so the side effects don't matter to them. 

Americans can't sue vaccine makers—even if the vaccine is tainted

Here in the U.S., the tentacles of Big Pharma are too deeply embedded in government for the vaccine-injured to have any legal options. In fact, we're legally prohibited from suing Big Pharma over vaccines—even if there's blatant negligence involved. Why? Because too many people brought vaccine injury lawsuits. It cost Big Pharma too much money. And they didn't like that. So they got the laws changed in their favor. 
Back in the 80s we were suing left and right over damaged and dead children thanks to the DPT shot and live polio vaccine. But instead of making the vaccines safer, Big Pharma pressured Congress to give them immunity from lawsuits. Congress obliged, of course. The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created. This took away the right to sue vaccine makers directly unless compensation through the federal program was denied or you could prove the company could have made the vaccine safer but didn't. 
Of course that wasn't enough to satisfy Big Pharma. In 2011 the issue went to the Supreme Court. The court, in a move that revealed just how much political power Big Pharma really has, ruled that manufacturers were immune from all lawsuits. Even in cases of blatant negligence. Even if the vaccines were defective. 
We can no longer sue vaccine makers. Period. 
Of course the citizens of every other country in the world are bound by no such laws. And it's heartening to see some of these citizens taking action to hold Big Pharma accountable. 
What can you do? 
  •   You can protect your kids and grandkids. Don't let your girls get the HPV vaccine. 
  •   You can educate others on the perils of this dangerous shot, and the real statistics about HPV. 
  •   And you can keep abreast of new vaccine laws being proposed in your state.
All over the country, states are moving to make more and more vaccines mandatory. This includes the HPV vaccine. 
States are removing religious and conscientious exemptions. They're taking away your right to decide what goes in your body and your children's bodies. We can't allow this. So keep your ear to the ground, and contact your representatives when there are whispers of more government intrusion in your life. Make your voice heard. 
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