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Empowering Patients Through Machine Learning - A More Precise Healthcare Business Model

Vynleads, Inc. utilizes bleeding-edge machine learning and neural network technology to empower patients to solve their own health care issues.

Rock Hill, SC - 5/26/2017 - Vynleads, Inc., in response to overwhelming interest in the proprietary technology behind the Lifestyle Blueprint® technology and the DWD Protocol® program, announces a more precise health care business model for patients looking for more efficient, streamlined results. Vynleads was granted a registered trademark for the Lifestyle Blueprint brand based on the application and creation of new machine learning and neural network technologies geared specifically for the medical industry. These technologies allow patients who are using the Lifestyle Blueprint® to create a completely unique and individually catered holistic medical program based on patient inputs.

The goal of the Lifestyle Blueprint® is to replace the one-size-fits-all model of medically-centered lifestyle routines, with an emphasis on routines applied in response to dietary rooted diseases. The traditional lifestyle model limits a patient to a template that, by definition, cannot take into account the unique perspective and medical conditions of the patient. Because every aspect of the Lifestyle Blueprint® is based solely upon the appropriate medical response to patient input, it has been tested as a more streamlined, effective lifestyle program for diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, addiction, ADHD and many other diseases.

"Our clients are among the most empowered medical patients in the world," remarked Alex Mannine, CEO of Vynleads. "We are happy to be at the forefront of a new technology that brings medical programs up to speed with the elite industry of luxury customization."

The Benefits of the Lifestyle Blueprint®

Lifestyle Blueprint® users enjoy a holistic, fully vetted medical lifestyle program that is created based on the input of the patient. The machine learning and neural network technologies that help to automate the creation of the unique medical program are briefly explained below.

Machine Learning

Traditional lifestyle processes rely on the subjective interpretation of a humans to create the daily activities and suggestions in the program. The experience of that individual may be limited with respect to the needs of a particular patient. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows a computer to learn on its own from patient input, statistical analysis and record keeping that is free of human error. Because computers can access unlimited numbers of digital records, its ability to apply medical techniques that are apropos far outpace even the most credentialed doctor.

The effect of machine learning technology on the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is a higher degree of accuracy and application to the patient being addressed.

Neural Network

Within a machine learning environment, a neural network creates a more efficient process model by simulating the behavior of a neuron in the human brain. The effect of a properly utilized neural network is the same as having the wisdom of thousands of years of medical science all working on an individual case. Machine learning technology in Lifestyle Blueprint® gives Vynleads the ability to access and apply unlimited numbers of statistics, techniques and case studies almost instantaneously to its patients. The neural network ensures this data is applied with the discerning eye of a medical professional with the benefit of thousands of years of research.

The effect of neural network technology on the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is the application of the human touch to patient programs.

"We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to apply this exciting technology to benefit our clients," Mannine said. "In the meantime, we are enjoying the success of our accomplishments up to this point - our efforts have been incredibly successful and brought our investors an ROI of over 2,000% in just 22 months."

Vynleads' initial case study for its precision oriented Lifestyle Blueprint® model is the DWD Protocol® program, accessible at its website

About Lifestyle Blueprint®

Lifestyle Blueprint® is a system that allows the building of individually tailored health care programs. The technology supports a platform for eventually solving all dietary-rooted diseases including diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, addiction, ADHD and harmful cerebrovascular conditions.

The goal of the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is to be the first-option in replacing the current primary healthcare model with a more stable, time-effective, easy-to-use, digital approach for patients.

About Vynleads, Inc.

Vynleads, Inc., is a bespoke data and technology company specializing in incubating medically-vetted lifestyle brands, using real-time data to enhance results and social impact for each of its wholly-owned sub-brands.

Vynleads, Inc. owns the Constitutional Health sub-brand outright as well as 100% of the restricted trademark on the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand and system.

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