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Individualized, Personally-Tailored Lifestyle Brands to Disrupt Traditional Primary Care Medical Model

Vynleads, Inc. announces a disruptive technology application and program within the medical lifestyle industry, with room to grow into an international syndication.

Rock Hill, SC - 5/26/2017 - The Vynleads vision of introducing the specialized Lifestyle Blueprint® system through Constitutional Health and DWD Protocol® continues as the company reports incredible success in applying new technologies and creating value for the initial round of investors. The Vynleads, Inc. brand Constitutional Health has provided a 2,000% ROI to investors, turning an initial total funding of $200,000 into $4.1 million USD in 22 months.

New value in the company was created through the successful launch of the Constitutional Health and DWD Protocol® brands and systems. Investors in the medical service market were also excited by the application of promising new technology within the industry, namely machine learning and neural network applications that were trademarked by Vynleads under the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand. With this new technology and application, Vynleads plans to completely upend the notion of the generic, mass-market lifestyle brand.

"The value is no longer in positioning; it's moving away, to audience-controlled brands," remarked Alex Mannine, Vynleads CEO. "People want brands and products that speak to them...not a one-size-fits-all solution."

Vynleads plans to expand upon the success of its sub-brands within the next few years, bringing the notion of individualized, personally tailored lifestyle brands into the mainstream to challenge the fundamental business model of large retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target.

"There is literally zero reason for these large physical locations, as more and more customers go online to buy products. This is why Amazon is winning at e-commerce, and Walmart is forced to cater to the e-commerce space," said Mannine. "But I don't think Amazon is the end all be all of Internet sales."

Immediate business growth within the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand will continue with an expanding line of products including supplements and skincare offerings to fulfill current demand. Short term expansions will also bring cause to improve the digital component of the proprietary Lifestyle Blueprint® platform with better apps for all platforms. Horizontal expansion to the weight management and general wellness markets will continue with the same business model, with a goal of raising revenues to $12-15M per year.

The initial case study for the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is the DWD Protocol® system, a program that can be found at the website Find out more about the general initiative on the Constitutional Health website at

About Lifestyle Blueprint®

Lifestyle Blueprint® is a system that allows the building of individually tailored health care programs. The technology supports a platform for eventually solving all dietary rooted diseases including diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, addiction, ADHD and harmful cerebrovascular conditions.

The goal of the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is to be the first option in replacing the current primary healthcare model with a steadier, time-effective, easy-to-use, digital approach for patients.

About Vynleads, Inc.

Vynleads, Inc., is a bespoke data and technology company specializing in incubating medically-vetted lifestyle brands, using real-time data to enhance results and social impact for each of its wholly-owned sub-brands.

Vynleads, Inc. owns the Constitutional Health sub-brand outright as well as 100% of the restricted trademark on the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand and system.

Alex Mannine
572 John Ross Pkwy
Suite 107 #224
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Ph: 1 (877) 542-4493

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