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Vynleads, Inc. is proud to introduce its launch case study Lifestyle Blueprint® technology through Constitutional Health, the breakthrough lifestyle system that empowers patients to prevent and reverse various diseases and increase overall health. The initial iteration of the technology through Constitutional Health is focused specifically on helping patients control and reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes.

Rock Hill, SC - 5/26/2017 - The Constitutional Health lifestyle philosophy for diabetes is the first Lifestyle Blueprint® program put forward through parent company and technology incubator Vynleads, Inc., with its initial mission to help patients manage and reverse the daily symptoms and root causes of type 2 diabetes. Constitutional Health provides a holistic service that includes live community feedback, interaction, personal support and telemedicine support with life coaches and practitioners.

The Constitutional Health app is available in both web and responsive mobile formats.

The Current Success of Constitutional Health

The Constitutional Health brand has been in operation for two years, returning a 2,000% ROI for its investors over 22 months. Since its inception, Constitutional Health has acquired more than 12,000 customers, turning its initial $200,000 investment into a valuation of $4.1 million.

Early 2017 brought the introduction of the DWD Protocol Lifestyle System which shows patients how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes through a complete lifestyle change.

How Constitutional Health Works

Using the Lifestyle Blueprint® technology, the content of the Constitutional Health program is localized to each patient based solely on that patient's input. The proprietary syncing and matching features of the Lifestyle Blueprint® format allow for a healthcare solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Each Lifestyle Blueprint® contains the following components:

Patient Care Package - Daily guides, supplements, action plans, and ongoing lifestyle support presented to the patient in simple, actionable language. All aspects of the Patient Care Package are specific to the patient.

Practitioner Care Packages - A supplementary informational package built specifically for the trusted medical professionals helping patients through treatment. Each Practitioner Care Package presents the science, goals, approach outline and clinical studies justifying the plan set forth in the Patient Care Package.

The Future of Constitutional Health

The overwhelming success of the Constitutional Health brand coupled with the successful launch of the DWD Protocol initiative is already being leveraged to accelerate business growth. The Constitutional Health brand will continue its expansion as a holistic lifestyle brand with initiatives targeting other lifestyle diseases including obesity and heart disease. Great care will be taken to study the successes and shortcomings of each initiative to continuously improve each subsequent initiative.

A New Way of Doing Medicine

As a people-first, technology-based, individually-crafted, comprehensive lifestyle philosophy of health care, Constitutional Health plans are meant to improve upon and completely replace generalized patient care programs. Individualized plans that are tailored to a single patient are proven to bring faster results, lower chances of relapse and reduce side effects. During testing, patients also expressed more comfort with the specialized plan, knowing that their daily action plan was driven by their specific needs.

Learn more about the specific Constitutional Health initiative against diabetes on the DWD Protocol® website at

About Lifestyle Blueprint®

Lifestyle Blueprint® is a system that allows the building of individually tailored health care programs. The technology supports a platform for eventually solving all dietary rooted diseases including diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, addiction, ADHD and harmful cerebrovascular conditions.

The goal of the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is to be the first option in replacing the current primary healthcare model with a steadier, time-effective, easy-to-use, digital approach for patients.

About Vynleads, Inc.

Vynleads, Inc., is a bespoke data and technology company specializing in incubating medically-vetted lifestyle brands, using real time data to enhance results and social impact for each of its wholly-owned sub-brands.

Vynleads, Inc. owns the Constitutional Health sub-brand outright as well as 100% of the restricted trademark on the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand and system.

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