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New lifestyle tech set to disrupt standard treatment model for type-2 diabetics

Diabetes patients looking for more effective solutions will naturally gravitate to vetted, successful alternatives - namely, the DWD Protocol® initiative.

Rock Hill, SC - 5/26/2016 -

On its current course, the total market for diabetes and insulin treatments is expected to cross $40 billion by the year 2021, according to a consensus of medical industry experts and watchdog organizations. The increasing number of people with type 2 diabetes and the rising costs of treating these conditions using traditional methods are the two main reasons for the acceleration of commerce in the market.

As mainstream retailers and large e-commerce sites prepare to compete for the distribution of this expanding market, Constitutional Health is quietly yet effectively preparing to undermine the entire notion of generalized medical treatment and lifestyle choices promoted by these companies. The new lifestyle technology Lifestyle Blueprint® and Constitutional Health case study on type 2 diabetes is quickly giving patients a new, more effective alternative.

"I want to create individualized lifestyle blueprints that work for specific people. Everyone's genetic make-up, environment, and current health condition is unique, and each soultion should be too." noted Constitutional Health CEO Alex Mannine. "The model is defined by technology, and our health-rooted vision."

Specifically, the technology is a medically-vetted lifestyle program with parameters that are uniquely set by patient input. 

The initiative has already received rave reviews from initial investors, who are currently cashing in on a 2,000% ROI from a $200,000 seed investment over the past 22 months. With 12,000 new clients since the inception of the Constitutional Health initiative, first responders to the technology are quickly growing into a critical mass that can be used to expand business. 

Specifically, the DWD Protocol® initiative under the Constitutional Health case study deals with type 2 diabetes. Constitutional Health is aiming squarely at an expanding market, bringing with it a technology that provides a more streamlined and cost effective solution than traditional diabetes treatments.

How the DWD Protocol® Beats Traditional Care

Contrary to popular belief, type 2 diabetes is not a chronic condition - it can be completely reversed. The purpose of the DWD Protocol® initiative is fundamentally different from a traditional diabetes treatment in that it addresses the root cause of diabetes as well as the symptoms. The research for the system comes vetted from a team led by established dietary scientists Professor Roy Taylor et al., of Newcastle University.

The university research efforts and testing have proven that diabetes can be successfully addressed through a hypocaloric (extensive calorie restrictive) diet and a holistic lifestyle program. Within a week, patients of the DWD Protocol® will reduce the amount of fat in the liver and restore functionality to the liver itself. Within a month, the body begins to produce more of its own insulin naturally. This non-toxic, non-GMO and completely natural program is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual patient using the proprietary Lifestyle Blueprint® platform.

The DWD Protocol® also supports patients once they have completed the program, ensuring that once they are diabetes-free they remain diabetes-free. Patients continue to have access to all support systems including one-on-one consultation, support forums, and the groundbreaking DWD Protocol® advanced supplement, which reinforces the body’s ability to make and use insulin in a normal manner.

As the DWD Protocol® website reads: "The DWDx3® supplement is made in Vermont USA, all natural, non-toxic, non-GMO. It‘s also the only supplement to contain the combination of Glucevia, GlucodOX, and BenofoPure, which together enhance your body’s ability to absorb, use, and regulate glucose while also reducing hunger and preventing damage from diabetic neuropathy.”

We have currently helped tens of thousands of diabetics and former diabetics through our proprietary system, and as the word spreads so will interest fall away from less effective treatments. More information about the DWD Protocol® initiative can be found on its website,

The seed has been planted, and both the technology and the company have the fuel to reach for the stars.

"We're infinitely scalable, because every approach we develop, and every lifestyle blueprint we enhance, it carries impact to thousands of lives," stated Mannine.

Community Support

Alongside the medical support that the DWD Protocol® program offers, there is community support as well. Patients who take part in DWD Protocol® have the opportunity to participate in a full-scale inspirational leg of treatment including communication with other patients, easy-to-read step-by-step guides, highly informative instructional videos and more. Each aspect of the program will be modified according to the needs of the individual patient, including the holistic and community aspects.

Constitutional Health is wholly confident that once diabetes patients see how much more effective a customized, holistic treatment can be over generalized, unsupervised traditional treatment with no support, even more opportunities in the market will present themselves. People will naturally move to the more effective solution. As Mannine remarked, "The current Primary Health Care system needs to be re-designed. It's too slow, and patients never get enough interactiions with their doctor to keep a preventative plan in place. And most of it is due to lack of technological enhancements, and pricing structure. We look to be the leader in  changing that."

About Lifestyle Blueprint®

Lifestyle Blueprint® is a system that allows the building of individually tailored health care programs. The technology has indicators for eventually helping all dietary rooted diseases including type-2 diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, addiction, ADHD and harmful cerebrovascular conditions.

The goal of the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is to be the first option in replacing the current primary healthcare model with a steadier, time-effective, easy-to-use, digital approach for patients.

Alex Mannine

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