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The End of the Standard Health Care Model

Vynleads, Inc. is cultivating medical customization technology with the potential to end the traditional, generalized standard health care model.

Rock Hill, SC - 5/26/2017 - With more than $40 billion expected to change hands in the diabetes and insulin industry by 2021, and with no substantial breakthrough in overall cases, the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industry seems to have settled into a low-results, high-revenue model. This model means big money for the usual suspects at the top of the chain, at the expense of the health of the average person. Although betting on societal sickness is good for some business in the short term, it is an unsustainable model over time.

The Current Success of Vynleads, Inc.

Vynleads, Inc., the company behind a successful new technology and medical lifestyle model, is proud to continue to expand the DWD Protocol® treatment initiative and the Lifestyle Blueprint® lifestyle tech platform as an alternative to the standard health care model. The DWD Protocol® initiative--a medically vetted, customizable program to reverse the root causes of type 2 diabetes--has helped tens of thousands of diabetics and former diabetics since its inception. The proprietary Lifestyle Blueprint® technology allows patients a hand in their own treatment by providing access to a system which customizes thier medical program based on patient input.

Although Vynleads has successfully built up its sub-brands on behalf of its first responders and initial investors, the majority of diabetics are not aware of the opportunity they have for customized programs which attack the root causes of diabetes rather than just the symptoms.

"From a business perspective, the question is: HOW do you scale niche brands effectively?" asked Alex Mannine, CEO of Vynleads, Inc. “Well, you have to have a system, and technology that supports it - and I think we've figured that out already. Our Constitutional Health brand turned a $200k total investment into $4.1M in revenue in just 22 months, a return of 2,000% for our investors. During the same period, we also developed relationships with more than 12,000 new lifelong customers."

Specialized Supplementation

The mass marketing of supplements and other health aids by international retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target falls short of the specialized treatment that the modern consumer now expects. Consumers are also confused by seemingly similar products with different brand names but no difference in performance. The convenience of the Internet brings directed niche solutions to the customer. Over-the-counter, template-based all-in-one solutions are falling to the wayside.

The Vynleads model allows the consumer to fully indulge the new market for specialization. Vynleads products all have a specialty, and consumers can easily tell which product addresses which problem. Instead of thousands of brand names that all blend in with one another, Vynleads directs consumers quickly to a solution that works. Vynleads is able to showcase the best product for each customer with evidence, drastically shortening the time between initial contact and conversion.

"I think we can replace the majority of social interaction with digital spaces that give the same social fulfillment and mental impact. This is at the heart of what we do, and why we build these hyper-focused lifestyle brands and product lines," said Mannine.

A Better Use of Resources

Vynleads sources many of the base vitamins and supplements that it uses directly, saving customers the time of vetting ingredients. With source material that already passes muster in the medical community and with consumers, the precision Vynleads sales funnel optimizes conversion opportunities while further minimizing sales runoff because of confusion. Precision branding is the marketing technique that separates Vynleads from traditional mass market retail, and the niche separation created here can only improve immersion into the first responder customer base.

With a more one-to-one focus matching product and solution, Vynleads also has the ability to market products very precisely to an audience. Consumers will receive the Vynleads brand message more quickly and more deeply, increasing the ROI of the investor dollars put into marketing campaigns.

The End of the Standard Health Care Model

The end of the standard health care model is at hand. Vynleads has the technology and the passion to present more successful solutions to patients of type 2 diabetes, and is taking effective strides towards spreading its medically vetted, easily accessible treatments into new markets. Find more information or sign up for your customized program through the DWD Protocol® treatment initiative at and the Lifestyle Blueprint® lifestyle tech platform at

About Lifestyle Blueprint®

Lifestyle Blueprint® is a system that allows the building of individually tailored health care programs. The technology supports a platform for eventually solving all dietary-rooted diseases including diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, addiction, ADHD and harmful cerebrovascular conditions. The goal of the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand is to be the first option in replacing the current primary healthcare model with a more steady, time-effective, easy-to-use, digital approach for patients.

About Vynleads, Inc.

Vynleads, Inc., is a bespoke data and technology company specializing in incubating medically vetted lifestyle brands, using real-time data to enhance results and social impact for each of its wholly-owned sub-brands.

Vynleads, Inc. owns the Constitutional Health sub-brand outright as well as 100% of the restricted trademark on the Lifestyle Blueprint® brand and system.

Alex Mannine
572 John Ross Pkwy
Suite 107 #224
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Ph: 1 (877) 542-4493

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