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AMA Threatens Docs Who Question Big Pharma Gospel
Something surprising is going on in the medical world. Doctors here and there are beginning to wake up. They’re seeing that they’ve been lied to since before they started medical school. They’re realizing that not all “guidelines” should be followed. They’re coming to the conclusion that much medical dogma is just that—dogma. Some are embracing complementary—that is, non-drug and non-surgical—treatments. Some even have the gall to question hallowed teachings like “carbs are good and saturated fat is bad. They’re giving their patients advice that actually makes them healthier but goes against The Rules.
The American Medical Association (AMA) wants to shut these doctors up. It wants to be able to “discipline” them. It wants to have the power to take away their licenses if they don’t spout the official AMA propaganda.
What the AMA really wants is for you you to be dependent on Big Pharma, your local hospital, and a doctor who toes the AMA line and follows the AMA rules even if he isn’t an AMA member. And it’s working very hard to make that a reality.

Does it really matter what the AMA thinks?

Once upon a time, most doctors belonged to the AMA. If you weren’t a doctor and you weren’t an AMA member, something was really wrong. But as time went on and the AMA became more hidebound and set in its ways, more and more doctors fell away.
Where once it was the most prestigious medical organization in the country, the club every doctor wanted to belong to, today only about 17% of doctors are members. And many of these are merely doctors-in-training—medical students who get a discount on membership and a glossy in-crowd magazine to read each month.
So why should we care what this crusty group of good-ol-boys thinks? Why should any of us everyday folks--or even doctors themselvescare what these dinosaurs think?
Because the AMA has LOTS of political clout.
Let me put it in perspective. Last year, there were 11,512 registered lobbyists. There are only 535 Congresspeople. That means there are an incredible 21 lobbyists to each Congressman. And the AMA has the fifth-biggest lobby in Washington. But it gets better: the AMA uses the same lobbyists as Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Business. They share lobbyists with:
  • PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America).
  • Eli Lilly & Company.
  • Merck.
  • Pfizer.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
  • American Council of Life Insurers.
  • Consumer Health Care Products Association.
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals.
  • Healthcare Distribution Management Association.
…and many others. They’re all in it together, and not a single blessed one of them is interested in your health. They care about their own profit and the profit of their buddies.
The fact is that the American Medical Association really is the heart and soul of Big Medicine. It’s a cold, cold heart that loves power, prestige, and money. And the scary thing is that it has the power to influence public policy—to change the very laws that are written and the way they’re enforced. Its recommendations aren’t law…officially. It doesn’t have any actual power over anyone but its own members. BUTit can buy a lot of Congressmen and put a lot of pressure on state medical licensing boards.  
It’s thanks to the AMA that chiropractic is still seen as second-class. It’s thanks to the AMA that midwifery was illegal for so long. It’s thanks to the AMA that nurse-practitioners can’t practice on their own, even when they’re doing the work of a doctor day in and day out or serving areas where doctors are as scarce as hen’s teeth.
So should we care what the AMA thinks? Yes. Because it has the power to change the rules. And now it wants to revoke doctors’ licenses for things like recommending supplements or admitting that acupuncture works.

The AMA is terrified of Dr. Oz. Their solution? Take away First Amendment rights.

What’s got the AMA frothing at the mouth is a popular medical TV: The Dr. Oz Show. Now, Dr. Mehmet Oz is a respected heart surgeon. And not just a heart surgeon, but a transplant specialist. He’s a professor in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University. He runs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He should be the epitome of medicine.
You’d expect him to be the poster child for the AMA. Instead, Big Medicine in general and the AMA in particular have been gunning for him for years. Why? Because he doesn’t toe the party line. Now, in its campaign against Dr. Oz, the AMA is calling for official guidelines aimed at doctors with media exposure and they name Dr. Oz specifically. They liken him to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the pioneering physician who first linked autism to vaccines—and was subsequently barred from medicine. They want to do the same thing to Oz, and to any other doctor who publicly recommends “complementary” therapies like acupuncture or supplements.
They claim that only 46% of Dr. Oz’s recommendations are supported by science, while 15% fly in its face and the remainder have no evidence one way or another. THIS is the basis for the witch hunt that could affect all physicians if the AMA has its way. Now here’s the thing: these statistics are about par for the course. A huge chunk of day-to-day medicine has no scientific evidence that it works. It’s just “routine.” A smaller chunk gets done in spite of evidence that it doesn’t work or is even harmful. And only the remainder—in the same range as Oz’s “supported by science” advice—actually has the science to back it up.
Today, at least. Keep in mind that yesterday’s science is today’s superstition.
The AMA doesn’t care. They want to silence all voices that don’t support Big Pharma. And they especially want to hush doctors who speak out against vaccines or in favor of real food and a healthy lifestyle.
They plan to make new ethical guidelines for “physicians in the media.” (Read “Any doctor who speaks publicly.”  They define this as through the radio, TV, newspapers, or websites. They also want to include social media.)
They want to create new rules about how doctors should be disciplined for “violating medical ethics through their press involvement.” (Read “Any doctor not promoting drugs and surgery, or who tells us vaccines are dangerous.”) They call this “the dissemination of dubious medical information.”
I call it telling people the truth.
And I also call it freedom of speech. The opinion of the AMA simply doesn’t trump the constitution, no matter how many Congressmen they buy. So what can you do? Write the AMA and tell them to keep their slimy hands off the First Amendment. If Big Pharma is entitled to freedom of speech, how much more so should doctors be?
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