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Zika Fearmongering: Florida Declares State of Emergency

The Zika virus is still headline news, and the fear feeding frenzy only seems to be getting worse. Earlier this month, Florida Governor Rick Scott actually declared a state of emergency in four Florida counties. The emergency? A couple of cases of Zika had been diagnosed in each. Nine cases in total. But don't panic, Florida residents or those of you living in neighboring states. This doesn't mean that there will soon be an epidemic of birth defects in the area.

Although the media keeps repeating the same scary numbers, the fact remains that so far Brazil still has a much lower incidence of microcephaly than the U.S. does. Until the current hysteria struck, Brazil reported about 200 cases each year. The U.S., on the other hand, has around 25,000.

That's right. Twenty-five thousand.

Thus far, in spite of the panic, Brazil has still only confirmed around 500 cases. This is extremely low for a country of this size. It strongly suggests that Brazil has been under-reporting cases of microcephaly in the past, and the current "epidemic" is most likely just better reporting. Another 3,500 or so are still being investigated, but even if each and every one of them is confirmed, this is still less than half the number we see each year in the U.S.

It's also worth noting the Florida cases have, without exception, occurred in people who have traveled outside the U.S. and to infected areas.

I repeat: They have not been contracted in the United States.

Perhaps someone should send Governor Scott a memo. Or maybe — just maybe — the emergency declaration is blatant fear-mongering with an eye to lining pockets and taking even more power over your health out of your hands.

Because here's something you may not know about "public health" emergencies such as this. When a governor declares a state of emergency due to a public health threat, this gives a designated "public health official" the authority to "take any action necessary to protect public health."

Consider that for a moment. Any action necessary. These are chilling words.

This isn’t a Florida-only law

While it’s not a federal law, every state has some version of this rule. The wording may vary, but the power is still the same: public health officials can do whatever they deem necessary in the interests of public health. Some leave these “powers” undefined. Some spell them out in black and white. In either case, the power is virtually unlimited.

In the case of a public health state of emergency, your rights go out the window. You can be quarantined in your own home — indefinitely.

You can be forcibly restrained. You can be forcibly medicated. You can be forcibly vaccinated.

In some states you can be jailed for non-compliance and then forcibly medicated. In others you can be fined…and then forcibly medicated or vaccinated.

Here’s the bottom line: you have no rights. You are at the mercy of the machine.

This is why the Florida declaration makes me uneasy. Governor Scott may simply be uninformed — perhaps he only listens to mainstream news, and has no staff who can dig into the actual science and statistics behind the claims. If so, it’s a sad state of affairs. But with the World Health Organization begging for $56 million dollars to fight the virus, and Big Pharma gearing up to have a vaccine ready by next year, I have little faith that this is the case.

My concern is that Florida will be a proving ground for using the “public health” powers on the population as a whole.

Forced vaccination took a big step forward last year. Will this be the “crisis” that seals the deal?

It’s the perfect opportunity. Big Pharma has an alleged crisis that terrifies the average person. If someone does no more than catch the evening news, they think, children with birth defects? Oh, the horror! Invoking the “but think of the children” argument is guaranteed to sway public opinion. So we have a manufactured crisis that hits people in a very soft place and terrifies them as they look at their own children and grandchildren. They will live in fear till Big Pharma comes to save them.

With a public health emergency declared, when Big Pharma rolls out its poorly-tested vaccine, the state will then be able to mandate every pregnant woman to get vaccinated. For the sake of the children, of course.

And since it’s a public health emergency, they will be able to forcibly vaccinate any woman who doesn’t want to submit.

Since Zika has allegedly been sexually transmitted a couple of times, that will necessitate vaccinating men too. Just in case. For the sake of the children. And the children themselves? Since Zika can be sexually transmitted, it may be transmissible through other bodily fluids. Better vaccinate the children too, so they can’t pass it along.

And because a public health emergency has been declared, they will legally be able to vaccinate you whether you like it or not, by force if necessary.

Is this fear-mongering on my part? I certainly hope so. But considering the draconian vaccination laws that California passed last year, and the dozens more proposed in other states, I’m very much afraid that it isn’t. I will be watching the Zika “crises” closely in the coming months, and the reactions of the states where mosquitos are endemic. If we’re lucky, the worst that will come of this is genetically modified mosquitos or yet more heavy pesticide use.

At worst, we may become Big Pharma’s guinea pigs whether we like it or not.

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