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Zika Vaccine Is Here and it Hijacks Your DNA - Part Two

A couple of weeks ago I promised to tell you all about how the new zika vaccine will work and why it’s such a bad idea. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

But first, let’s recap:

A few months ago, virtually no one but tropical disease specialists had ever heard of the zika virus. Then within weeks, it was all over the news. Scaremongering headlines claimed zika was causing an “epidemic” of birth defect in Brazil. What the news stories didn’t say was that there was absolutely no scientific evidence that it was true.

Fast-forward to today:

There’s STILL no smoking gun tying the two together. We’re assured there’s a “scientific consensus,” but again it’s based on virtually zero evidence. However, that hasn’t stopped the pharma machine. Suddenly, this little-known virus—which often causes no symptoms at allis Public Enemy Number One, and billions of dollars have been set aside to “fight zika.”

Now, just a few months after the first news stories, we have a company ready to begin human trials on a new zika vaccine. This in itself should be a clue that something is rotten. It normally takes years to get to this point with a vaccine. Yet somehow, Big Pharma has managed to have one ready in just a matter of months?

Could it be that Big Pharma has been working on a vaccine for some time, and the whole “zika crisis” was manufactured with an eye to creating a market?

We’ll probably never know. But here’s what we do know:

  • Vaccines are huge money-makers. At up to $20 per dose for new vaccines, there’s a staggering amount of cash to be made. Especially since “experts” estimate that 2 billion people will be in the “hot zone” for zika.
  • The new vaccine—set to have its first human trial in a few weeks—will probably hit the market next year.
  • It’s a whole new type of vaccine. It will be the first “DNA vaccine” approved for humans.
  • No one REALLY knows what the long-term effects of this type of vaccine might be. But we’re about to find out.

This vaccine takes over your cells’ DNA factory

Here’s how real, live viruses work: Viruses are little more than DNA—or RNA, which is similar but simpler—covered with a coating of some type of protein. When you get sick with a virus, first it fools one of your cells into letting it in. Once inside the cell, it drops its protein coat, hijacks the parts of the cell that manufacture DNA and RNA, and proceeds to make millions of copies of itself. These copies then burst out of the cell, killing it. Then they each go on to infect more cells, make more copies, and so on.

Once your body’s immune cells realize you’ve been invaded, they jump into action. They rage through your system, slaying viruses left and right. There’s a battle going on inside you, and pretty soon you’re down with the flu. Or a cold. Or the measles. The problem is that it takes your body a while to realize that the virus is an invader and to marshall its forces so it can fight. Unless, of course, you’ve had the virus before.

If you’ve had it before, your body already knows what the virus looks like—it recognizes it by its protein coating--and it rushes in to fight as soon as the first virus particle makes its way into your system.

For the purpose of this article, let’s pretend conventional vaccines actually work as promised. Here’s what they’re supposed to do: they teach your body to recognize viruses you’ve never been infected with. That way, it’s ready to fight before the virus invades. They do this by exposing you either to the dead virus, or to a living but severely weakened version that’s (theoretically) not likely to make you sick. That way, when the real, live, full-strength virus tries to infect you, your body is already prepared to go on the attack.

The so-called DNA vaccines work in a completely different way. Instead of using the virus itself—living OR dead—they use a snippet of virus DNA. (And in the case of the zika vaccine, it’s not even the real thing. It’s artificial viral DNA!) Now, just in case you don’t already know this, DNA is nothing more than a set of instructions that tell a cell how to build something—in this case, one or more of the proteins that make up the virus’s outer coating.

This viral DNA is then forced into your cells, where the cells’ machinery does just what it would with a real virus—cranks out copies of the protein, which your immune system learns to recognize as an invader. But since it only involves a few protein fragments rather than the actual virus, you can’t actually catch it. Sounds much safer than conventional vaccines, right?

This might cause cancer or genetic mutations—but Big Pharma wants 2 billion people to take it anyway

For all that we’re assured that these new vaccines are “safe,” many scientists still have reservations. They’re concerned that, because DNA vaccines keep stimulating your immune system basically forever, they could lead to chronic inflammation or autoimmune diseases. And this, of course, could lead to nearly all of today’s chronic diseases including not just diabetes and Alzheimer’s but rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and more.

There’s also the worry that some of this viral DNA could be “taken up” by human chromosomes, causing genetic mutations with unknown effects. Mutations that could be passed on to your children and grandchildren.Scientists are also concerned that if this viral DNA does integrate into the vaccinated person’s chromosomes, it could “turn on” genes that allow cancers to form. Viral DNA could even make its way into the environment and swap genes with virtually anything, creating God knows what kinds of problems.

Those are some pretty scary scenarios.

The people pushing DNA vaccines, of course, assure us that none of these things is likely to happen. Over and over I’ve read that there’s “little” evidence that it will. But—and this is a really big “but”—not once have I read that it can’t happen, or even that it hasn’t. The truth is that we have no freakin’ clue what will happen long-term, and no one wants to take the time to find out. They just want to fill their pockets.

But don’t worry, folks. After all, the new vaccine is going to go through thorough safety testing, right?

You decide: The first “safety” trial will include a whopping 40 people. If that goes well, the next trial will be focused on finding the “optimum dose.”

And this time next year, when the media is screaming that if we don’t all get vaccinated we’re taking our lives in our own hands, remember this—this vaccine was created in the space of a few months. We really don’t know what kind of long-term effect it might have on human DNA—and it could take a decade or more at the least to find out.

Big Pharma wants this vaccine purely because it will make money. It’s cheap to manufacture, store, and transport. If they can sell us on the idea of DNA vaccines, their bottom line grows exponentially.

So don’t be a human guinea pig just so Big Pharma can make an extra buck. DO take your life in your own hands. And tell Big Pharma to keep its tentacles out of your DNA.

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