A Natural System To Help Diabetics?

Rogue M.D. Discovers Hidden “Reboot” Switch Could Help You Reverse Your Diabetes... Naturally*.

Dr. Matthew Solomon,
M.D. and Neurologist

Dr. Solomon is a medical doctor and neurologist. He completed his training at King’s College, University of London and at The Stanford University School of Medicine. He believes in a foundation of scientific research and natural approaches to wellness and health. His focus is to educate his patients and provide proven solutions for self-care that work.

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The DWD Protocol was developed by Constitutional Health. It is designed to help you fight Type 2 Diabetes*, balance your blood sugar and improve your energy levels... so you can enjoy life’s pleasures again.

Hi, Jacob Krueger here... and thank you for taking time to watch this video. Today, by the grace of God, I am free from Type 2 Diabetes... and I know in my heart you can be free from this devastating disease as well.

I remember that fateful day as if it were yesterday. I turned to one of my favorite passages in the bible... “The Spirit of truth has come and He is guiding me into all truth. He will tell me things to come.” These words helped me through my darkest night.

I truly believe God directed my steps... as soon thereafter I was introduced to the medical doctor who identified something now called “The DWD Protocol”

His scientifically proven approach(3,4,5) works by rebooting your pancreas to do what it is meant to do... promote healthy blood sugar levels, weight management and metabolism as part of a balanced diet*.

This was the miracle I had been praying for... and it can be your miracle too.

So if you’re suffering from high blood sugar, constant fatigue, unwanted weight gain, blurry vision, increased thirst...

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  • We’ll take a deeper look at the research behind the “Pancreas Reboot” breakthrough... and why diabetics all over the world now have renewed hope
  • How to start enjoying a Type 2 Diabetes-free life...
  • The science-backed “diabetes destroying” tricks to stop it dead in its tracks and eliminate insulin resistance... while shrinking your waistline at the same time.(3,4)
  • You’ll discover the root cause behind painful neuropathy... and what you can do to reduce your risk of amputation
  • You’ll get a custom-designed temporary meal plan that’s been proven to reverse Type 2 Diabetes*(3,4,5)... no matter how long you’ve suffered with the disease.
  • You’ll get recipes for meals that are so delicious to eat.... you’ll want to enjoy them long after you are free from type 2 diabetes.
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Health Freedom

New study from Dr. Roy Taylor (lead researcher in the trial) out of Newcastle University(5,6) in England has shown that Type 2 Diabetes could be reversed in certain condition*. The DWD Protocol is based on this research... and includes our proprietary Lifestyle Blueprint system that takes you step-by-step through the process. Our Lifestyle Blueprint® is a ground breaking system designed to help you achieve optimal health.

How It Works

Discover our unique Lifestyle Blueprint® system complementary to our step-by-step guides, personalized technology, social support community platform, and supplementary vitamins. The entire system is specifically designed for managing sugar metabolism, weight management and organ function as part of a balanced diet*. Our team stands ready to help you succeed.

*Individual results may vary depending on age, weight, and physical exercise.


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